My areas of translation expertise include:


Financial & Reporting

Other services

If you need a certified translation, an interpreter or even a different language combination, I would be happy to approach my extensive network of contacts in the translation industry to help find the right person for your project.

Why choose CALM Translations?


I translate exclusively into my native language (English) to ensure complete accuracy and the highest quality.


You know who you are working with. I enjoy building up long-term and trusting relationships with my clients.


Having worked for a law firm and commissioned translations myself, I know what a client needs and expects from a translation service provider.


I will fully respect and uphold your data privacy requirements.

How much does a translation cost?

My translations are usually charged according to the number of words of the original German text to be translated. Proofreading is charged per hour.

Translations of texts requiring extensive formatting work (e.g., if the original text is a scanned pdf or Word file converted from a pdf) are charged per hour. In such cases, I will provide an estimate of the time needed for the work.

All quotes for translation and proofreading work are free of charge and non-binding.